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  • Parents: omg you still here you never do anything good why don't you try and be useful.
  • School: you're dumb and have no future, sorry.
  • Mirror: Eew please that's horrible, look for a plastic surgeon.
  • Cellphone: why in the hell do you check for new texts? Who the fuck would ever contact you?
  • Facebook: friends requests? New messages? Wait you really expect to have notifications? Lol
  • Friends: why you always depressed its not even funny to spend time with you.
  • Music: hey sweetheart, here you are. You okay? Shh don't worry, everything's gonna get better. You are special but not alone and never stop fighting and hoping cause someday it won't hurt anymore, just chill now, put your headphones and let me show you beauty and love and give you chills and make you feel wonderful, just listen to me..

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  • mom: why are you laughing alone in your room